Ludovician Keep

The Ludovician Keep serves as the center of Glittering Wildflower Fields. Nestled amidst the blackwood trees of a rock-choked valley near Sunlund’s western coast, the Ludovician Keep resembles nothing so much as a gargantuan, petrified bulette. Near as the greatest sages of the region can tell, that’s because it is. The whole vast stony fortress has been hollowed into myriad twisting chambers, barracks, and balconies for repelling invaders. The reason for the numerous defenses rests in the Ludovician’s numerous hidden vaults. Neuthome Montaigne, the Viscount of Sunlund, stores all manner of riches here, from mounds of gold and jewels to staves, enchanted weapons, and an artifact of incredible power. It is this final artifact which serves as the true purpose of the Keep’s significant military presence. While the fort itself is a well-kept secret from the average citizen, those stationed there have been given the knowledge that the artifact hidden within would be world-ending should it fall into draconic claws. A popular game amongst new recruits is guessing the nature of the artifact, but none have so much as glimpsed it for well over three decades.

Player characters represent the higher end of Ludocivican garrison command. They’ve each distinguished themselves in several smaller conflicts, either here or elsewhere, and have join command of several hundred troops. The troops are mostly human infantry, though occasionally other units (dwarven priests, orc berserkers, elven archer-scouts, gnomish illusionists, halfling assassins) will be made available. Also significant is that the Ludovician Keep might be better described as a “well-kept” secret. Parties of adventurers, often vastly more powerful than the PCs, occasionally stop at the Keep while engaging in other quests. They’ve been known to take a shine to some especially noble member of the garrison, and many are the treasured magical trinkets or battered suits of magical armor “left behind” as gifts to some young soldier or apprentice mage.

Defenders of the Ludovician Keep The races and civilizations who have drawn together in defiance of the Dicing Lords, including native Sunlanders as well as a host of immigrants, refugees, and allied cultures.

The Dicing Lords Liars. Manipulators. Devotees of the Greatest Game. The machinations of these draconic overlords have torn the world asunder, and even now encroach on the shrinking borders of Sunlund.

Pawns of the Players These races all serve one or more of the Dicing Lords. Many of these species owe not just their culture, but their entire existence, to the whims of the game-playing dragons.

Ludovician Keep

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