Scirocco Windyleaf

Elven Artificer

Manipulator of Men and Fates

The sole survivor of an elven settlement destroyed by a Dicing Lord. The once-fertile settlement’s rancid soil suggested Fotillus or the Archon of Destruction, but the success of the conquest was sufficiently complete to forestall braggadocio. Watching the Shaman and Druids fall before draconic minions drove Scirocco to forsake primal powers in favor of the arcane magic his assailants wielded. Watching his idols, the town’s militia and aspirant spiritspeakers, die pushed the young Windyleaf to pursue troop enhancement as a primary study. Years later, Scirocco is a master of arcane infusions which turn fragile infantry into glittering monoliths, weapons gleaming with powers beyond the ken of mere soldiers. The elf’s effect on a trained adventurer are sufficient to clear goblin warrens and drive wyverns to their graves.

Before he was trained, however, Scirocco met Ayrikka. Herself a young warrior within Neuthome Montaigne’s elite unit, Ayrikka favored the ravaged elf with a map detailing the safest path to the nearest gnomish academy, thus setting him on the path to his mystical studies.

Regretfully, a brigand appropriated the map during Scirocco’s first night in a nearby inn. The resultant journey honed the elf’s nascent arcane abilities in the wild. The thief’s face, on the other hand, burned itself into his memory.

Scirocco Windyleaf

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