Physical Description: Matoinciendo resembles exactly what he is: a juvenile Pel. His sleek crimson body ripples with surging muscle. His obsidian claws and horns are the mirror of his father’s. However, Matoinciendo prefers to maintain the form of a human male aged 15 or so years. His human form is extremely attractive, with tan skin and raven-black hair. He dresses in maroon and ebony silk, draping bolts of the fabric around his waist, thighs, and arms, while leaving his chest bare.

Personality: Matoinciendo is eager to succeed, driven mercilessly by a desire to win his father’s approval. Whether he would then go on to usurp his father’s position as master of the game is as yet unclear; for now striving after his notice is enough. The red is agitated and energetic, bouncing from topic to topic as he attempts to simultaneously craft dozens of unique and ambitious plans. His lashing tail and fluttering claws are a disturbing contrast to the expressionless mask of his human form. Whether it’s intentional or a sign he’s yet to fully master shapeshifting, Matoinciendo’s human form is always, always smiling, whether he be amused or delivering the direst of threats.

Preferred Lair: Matoinciendo’s lair is high in a mountain peak along the northwest coast of Sunlund. The series of caves has only a single entrance, at the very peak of the mountain, and this is guarded by a dozen of his most trusted ogre servants.

Preferred Troops: As befits a dragon who is, essentially, a teenager, Matoinciendo is drawn to size and strength in his troops. To this end he prefers to employ ogres, and keeps several hundred within his mountain fastness, with many other smaller tribes scattered within his beck and call. To counteract the limited intelligence of these troops, Matoinciendo also deals vigorously with a variety of fiendish elements, allowing them to interbreed with his soldiers in order to produce useful lieutenants. Pel watches all of this with the slightest smirk on his face, leading some to speculate Matoinciendo may be following in his father’s footsteps more than he realizes…and that he’s likely headed for a supreme disappointment.

Notable Tactics: Matoinciendo’s tactics are a combination of flash and brute strength. He might deploy a tiefling sorcerer to infiltrate an enemy stronghold…then have the agent simply open the gates to accept a horde of ogres. While extremely intelligent, Matoinciendo’s imagination is lacking- his flashiest “surprise” ploys are still melodramatic and predictable.

Means of Communication: Matoinciendo communicates with his agents via special parchments which appear in the pawn’s pouch, belt, or hand at unexpected times. When unfurled, the message appears in glowing runes of fire, written in old Draconic. Mere seconds after the message is complete, however, the entire parchment burns to ash. The message often burns so swiftly that his agents do not have time to read it, which has led to a few embarassing gaffes.

Known Pawns: Matoinciendo prefers pawns who present themselves as impressively as he attempts to. Egos are rampant within his forces, and he loses more followers to challenges of strength and skill than the maneuvers and defenses of his foes. The red often recruits his pawns personally, in human guise, or sends one of his three Dusklit Candles. The Dusklit Candles are a trio of gorgeous women, one elven, one human, and one vaguely reptillian. All have waist-length black hair, so dark it possesses violet highlights, and ruddy red skin. The women are presumably of fiendish descent, though their specific abilities are generally unknown. They likely wield significant power for Matoinciendo to send them out on their own, but it’s rare that they be tested.

Granted Domains: Matoinciendo grants his worshippers access to the Vengeance Domain and one Domain of their choice. Though young, the red quickly recognized the utility of spellcasting followers, and devoted himself to a study of the most efficient manner to grant them spells. His successes in this area outstrip even his father.


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