Physical Description: When others speak of Magrathea, they rarely describe her draconic form. Instead, they talk of an elderly, but still stunningly beautiful, human woman. The woman bears all the standard traits of draconic nature: silvery hair, liquid silver eyes, a presence beyond that of her slim frame. A small smirk may decorate her features, but she’s otherwise gentle yet emotionless.

What disturbs students of the Great Game is that so few people have seen Magrathea’s true draconic form that no one can be entirely sure she’s even a silver dragon, or a dragon at all for that matter. It’s entirely possible this enigmatic figure is some planar entity, minor godling, or even a supremely powerful mortal mage with a mastery of shapeshifting magic.

Personality: Magrathea is patient, amiable, and incredibly well-informed at all times. She’s personally responsible for recruiting many of her pawns, appearing at their moment of greatest despair or desire. Whether she went so far as to engineer these conditions in order to secure a new follower is difficult, even impossible, to determine.

Preferred Lair: Many speculate Magrathea has no lair. She’s perpetually on the move, appearing in any number of strange places. Her hoard may well be scattered throughout several continents, possibly even inherited as the ancestral fortunes of noble families who have no idea they’re merely caretaker’s for Magrathea’s wealth.

Preferred Troops: Magrathea’s troops are varied and disparate. She’s among the most likely to select individuals of great distinction, as opposed to large masses of lesser or weaker creatures. A play from Magrathea’s camp may only involve three individuals- but when one is an archmage, another a tireless berserk warrior, and the last a peerless fighter, the results are as devestating as any army.

Magrathea’s most notable (and confusing) pawns are collectively known as the Silver Maidens. Their numbers are unknown, but every one is a silver-haired, attractive woman of human or elven descent, between their late teens and middle life for their respective races. It’s entirely possible that the majority, or even all, of Magrathea’s reported appearances are actually one or more of the Silver Maidens. Their powers are unknown, as few who receive a visit from Magrathea would dare to test her. In this, as in so many things, mystery works to the master player’s advantage.

Notable Tactics: Even more so than Pel, Magrathea’s tactics are almost completely unknown. Since she prefers small groups of highly-skilled, diverse minions, almost any adventuring party may knowingly or unknowingly have served her purposes. She has not acted openly against another player in recorded memory, which is yet another reason Leng is viewed with such concern.

Means of Communication: Magrathea prefers to appear directly to her pawns, providing instructions and a bewitching smile. However, whether it’s actually Magrathea or one of her Silver Maidens is never clear, so in her own way she manages to be as distant from her pawns as any other player.

Pawns: Magrathea’s pawns are usually notable individuals who possess unique skills. She does not necessarily select the greatest warriors, spellslingers, or thieves as her agents, but rather the ones most likely to cleave to her with loyalty and a desire to succeed.

Granted Domains: Magrathea’s worshippers may select from the Change, Freedom, Protection, and Trickery domains.


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