Physical Description: Lincolua is a rust-brown dragon with brilliant green eyes and silver-grey claws, horns, and fangs. Her age shows in lusterless scales, missing teeth, and meter-long traceries of white scar tissue. Her right forelimb is slightly shorter than the left, having been broken in her youth.

Personality: The Copper Lady is bitter as only a nigh-immortal can be. Possibly within a few hundred years of the mighty Pel in age, Lincolua has attained nothing near his success. She’s prone to railing against every variance of fate or circumstance that may have robbed her latest victory, to anyone who will listen. These tirades quickly evolve into frenzied, mad plans for her next great move…which, upon failing, drive her to new heights of rage.

Preferred Lair: Lincolua prefers high caves surrounded by sheer drops for her lairs. However, no fewer than three such lairs have tumbled from their cliffside perches in the last hundred years; costing the Copper Lady prodigious sums and no end of lost face. To her great shame, the ancient copper currently resides on a squat plateau some hundreds of miles south of Sunlund. Her lair is barely more than a single shaft sunk into the very center of the plateau, and already ominous cracks have appeared around its sides.

Preferred Troops: Unsurprisingly, Lincolua has some difficulty attracting powerful followers. That said, she is still a dragon, and a vast and ancient one at that. Her mere presence has been sufficient to cow several humanoid tribes to her service. The most notable amongst them are the Flea-Meal tribe, a group of masochistic gnolls who serve Lincolua with ferverent intensity. Their shamen are firm in the belief that the great dragon’s suffering is a result of her eating their bad luck, and thus the gnolls do everything in their power to keep their mistress satisfied and, above all, alive. In addition, their fatalistic view (Lincolua has consumed their bad luck) leads them to great recklessness in battle. A Flea-Meal gnoll will think nothing of casting himself onto the pikes of human defenders, because he truly expects to walk away unscathed. An aura of lost and stolen luck swirls about Lincolua, drawing many into her service.

Notable Tactics: Lincolua’s most notable tactic is failure. Her gaffes are always spectacular and incredibly, incredibly destructive. It should be noted, however, that the Copper Lady herself always survives such losses, as do the majority of her devoted followers. Ultimately, many of her objectives eventually succumb to economic or population losses caused by Lincolua’s abortive attacks.

Means of Communication: Lincolua employs the shamen of the Flea-Meal tribe to communicate with her pawns, generally through dreams or magically-borne messages. Whether accidentally or by design, the dragon’s voice is always distorted during such communiques, leading to many misunderstood objectives and still more disasterous failures.

Pawns: Many of Lincolua’s followers, as mentioned before, are gnolls or other monstrous humanoids. Something about the majestic dragon’s continual failures is perversely appealing to a number of otherwise downtrodden or maligned creatures; kobolds, goblins, and other creatures flock to her banner. In service to the Copper Lady, they’re often less cowardly or unreliable than the racial norm, perhaps because they forever have an example of the aeons-long consequence of failure in their mistress.

Granted Domains: Those worshipping the Copper Lady may select from the Change, Destruction, Fate, and Torment Domains.


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