Physical Description: Leng is a physically unreprossessing iron specimen. Slightly larger than Chatter, there is nonetheless something subtly off about Leng’s features. His eyes are uneven, the luster of his scales lacking, the overall surface of his skin bumpy and unsightly. His lower incisors jut upward, accentuating his underbite, and even his horns are somewhat soft-looking. Leng is unmistakably the runt of a litter, which makes it all the more confusing that Magrathea has selected him for her support and tutelage.

Personality: Leng is quite simply slow, in some vague and indefinable way. He always seems distracted, and it occasionally takes him minutes to respond to a question. His filmy, opaque eyes are perpetually unfocused. Despite all this, Leng is prone to the occasional burst of insight. It’s possible that Magrathea is tending him due to some barely developed prophetic ability she hopes to exploit.

Preferred Lair: Leng currently lairs at the base of a small mountain near the northern tip of Sunlund. His lair, like the rest of him, is unimpressive and simple.

Preferred Troops: Leng’s troops are mostly donated by Magrathea. No species or culture owes him particular allegiance, and his total troop strength in the absence of his patron would number in the hundreds at best.

Notable Tactics: Leng’s strongest tactic seems to be the mystery which surrounds Magrathea’s support. No dragon dares to totally dismiss him, let alone move against him, for fear that he possesses some hidden strength. Leng’s actual attempts at scoring plays have generally proven disastrous. That said, on occasion he appears to have anticpated the extremely advanced moves of very experienced players. This lends credence to the theory that he may be a unique prophet, perhaps capable of piercing the “”/campaign/ware-the-moloch/wikis/shrouded%20board/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>shrouded board" which obscures any player’s moves from the other’s spells and investigations.

Means of Communication: Leng communicates in dreams, which may come upon his minions even while they’re conscious. Upon waking from such a dream, his pawns report feeling refreshed, energized, and slightly dizzy. They regain hit points as though they had spent a healing surge, and gain a +2 bonus to saving throws until their next short rest; however, they take a -2 penalty to attacks during the same period.

Pawns: Leng does little to no active recruiting. Most of his pawns are passed to him from Magrathea. Certain outcasts and gamblers choose to back Leng, banking even as the dragons do that the young brass will distinguish himself in some fashion.

Granted Domains: Leng’s power is insufficient to grant spells to his followers.


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