The Sandtrap

Physical Description: Kleinus is a huge, bulldog-jawed blue dragon. The horn at the end of his snout is gargantuan, spreading from just above his teeth to behind his eyes, giving his face a slightly flattened appearance. His forelimbs are much larger than normal for a dragon, resembling an umber hulk’s arms and tipped with vast, flat claws. His scales are a deep, rich blue, decorated with whorls and swirling designs.

Still, few can tear their eyes away from Kleinus’s atrophied left wing, or the mangled stump, which even now draws flies, where his right wing once sprouted.

Personality: Kleinus, in direct contrast to Lincolua, never complains about his lot in life. The blue rarely speaks, deliver concise instructions to his minions before turning away to stare with mindless intensity into the walls of his lair. He displays no excitement when a ploy succeeds, though his rewards are generous and fair. Those who have made an enemy of Kleinus rarely know until his vengeance takes full fruit, even as his allies can never be sure what form his aid will take. That said, his enemies are mostly dead, and his allies still alive.

Preferred Lair: Kleinus lairs deep beneath the desert, in a network of tunnels connecting several far-flung caverns. However, the taciturn dragon seems oblivious to his surroundings, and has spent months in the northern archipelagos or mired in the marshes of Sunlund without complaint. Though his missing wing obviously limits his overland travel, the Sandtrap has mastered several alternate methods of transport. He’s capable of arriving or escaping almost any locale in a matter of minutes, and seems to call his pawns to him effortlessly, no matter the distance.

Preferred Troops: Kleinus prefers to leave decisions in the hands of trusted lieutenants and underlings, rarely taking direct action. This means that, next to Magrathea, the blue is most likely to employ uniquely talented individuals. However, he prefers to put them in command of large numbers of lesser troops, so that they’re somewhat insulated from the consquences of an action that goes wrong. The bulk of Kleinus’s troops are drawn from an exceedingly disciplined clan of hobgoblins who maintain a vast crystalline city near one of his lairs. Merciless and inventive, Kleinus’s Clearblade hobgoblins are also capable of seamlessly travelling through earth and sand, allowing these troops to emerge from the very center of enemy formations.

Notable Tactics: Kleinus is the master of the false weakness. Few of his long-time competitors even strike for his hoards, as literally dozens have been revealed as inescapable deathtraps. Often, Kleinus simply engineers them as dimensionally-anchored sinktraps, collapsing on themselves as soon as his foes’ agents have reached a certain point. On the offense, the Lame behaves in much the same fashion. He’s fully willing to sacrifice scores of troops drawing a much larger force into an advantageous position; at which point his Clearblade soldiers burst from the earth and lay about themselves with arcing blasts of lightning. Kleinus is at his most dangerous when his position seems the least defensible, leading his opponents to (foolishly) attack him when he seems strongest. Unfortunately for them, when Kleinus is at his strongest-he’s at his strongest.

Means of Communication: Kleinus prefers to speak to his pawns directly. He’s capable of snapping almost any agent from their location, setting them down within his lair, and returning them to their starting point in a manner of seconds. The conversation which occurs, however, can last hours. It’s unclear if this is simply an advanced form of mental communication, some type of temporal tinkering, or something wholly unique to the Sandtrap.

Pawns: Kleinus often favours patient, clear-headed pawns; yet he’s also been known to employ extremely impetuous agents. Ultimately the only unifying trait amongst Kleinus’s pawns is a lawful bent and supreme competence. The Sandtrap does not seek vast numbers of followers, but he expects great things from every follower he does possess.

Granted Domains: Kleinus grants worshippers access to the Earth, Knowledge, Freedom, and Storm Domains.


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