Kilmora Whurja

Dwarven Battlemind

Strong, steady, and determined to prove her might against any force.

Her name translates to: Powerful, brave protector and Iron Mistress.

Lives for battle, sacrifices to many gods, hates orcs with a passion that burns hotter than her beloved forge, terrible at cards.

Surprisingly easy-going for a dwarf, unless you cross her. Kilmora holds grudges and vengeance closer and tighter than her warhammer or shield. As well, don’t try to rush her in the mornings or after a fierce battle when she’s setting her intricate braids to rights – she’d react poorly to not looking kempt.

She collects special, rare, magical or mundane items of exceedingly fine craftsmanship to return to her family hold in the northern mountains. Her family, the Whurora is limited, but steadfast as they ward off orc raids from their ancestral lands. Kilmora travels the Sunland to bring the blessings of the gods to her name and riches of the world to her people.

Even in the constant cold Kilmora traverses, she is known to always sleep with her sword/hammer/whatchamacallit more often than bundling with another. For this, she became known as the Iron Mistress, a play on her family’s name meaning iron protector.

Since her youth, Kilmora’s focus has been to test the powers that thrum within her muscles. Whether serving in a military capacity or engaged in political disputes, the Iron Mistress has driven her weapon into the faces of several-score foes…some of whom may even have survived.

Kilmora inadvertently brought Scirocco Windyleaf into his study of magic. The young elf met her after escaping his village’s destruction, and his fascination with her innate mastery over flesh and steel led him to examine other methods of enhancing the arms and will of soldiers.

The pair met Anasimus Wu Mingde prior to parting ways, and all tested their strengths in banishing a crocodile-headed Fey marauder who threatened the riverside village of Splenome.

Kilmora Whurja

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