The Ice Devil

Physical Description: Ichi-Iy is an extremely large white dragon of at least ancient age. Her white scales have a slight bluish tint. Calcified growths descend from her extremities and body in general, giving the impression of icicles. This effect is particularly pronounced on her face, especially the eyelids. The dragon thus looks as though she’s literally carved from ice, or rimed in the substance. Her eyes are a brilliant, piercing blue.

Personality: Ichi-Iy is intelligent enough to recognize that her race is mocked and derided by other dragons for their ignorance. She’s large enough to see how small most white dragons truly are. In effect, she has just enough power to realize how little power she truly wields. This has two effects: first, she’s merciless in her persecution of lesser races, such as humans and orcs, destroying whole villages purely out of spite; second, it leads her to attempt ploys far beyond her means, vast and complex undertakings which fall apart, if for no other reason, because her underlings cannot grasp them. As a result of these two qualities, the Ice Devil is perpetually frustrated, mere seconds away from exploding into a rage due to almost any stimulus. Even in a rage, however, she’s careful to vent her anger on those weaker than herself, rather than risking the ire of another Dicing Lord.

Preferred Lair: Ichi-Iy claims several of the northern islands as lairs. She prefers those with unassailable cliff faces, often clawing and sculpting them where necessary. Recognizing that most other creatures are very sight-dependent, she often forms large frozen mirrors around the islands, crafted in such a way that the sun creates a searing perimeter of ultra-bright light. Blinded invaders are easy prey for her army of orcs and whitespawn abominations.

Preferred Troops: As the sole arctic player within the coalition, Ichi-Iy employs scores of whitespawn howlers as an overwhelming force. Though fragile, the creatures reproduce with such speed their numbers are functionally limitless. However, their relative combat inefficiency means that her troops rarely secure her any significant victories. She also demands tribute and service from a number of orc tribes in the surrounding area, arming them with frost-producing weapons and giving them ships made of pure ice. That these ships often melt on their maiden voyage, leaving her troops stranded, is of little concern to Ichi-Iy. Like the whitespawn, orcs breed quickly.

Notable Tactics: Ichi-Iy prefers a frontal assault with overwhelming odds. Granted, this is a relatively ineffective tactic, but merely suggesting that to the white sends her into a vicious rage. She recognizes that most other races suffer when forced to battle in extreme cold, but has so little worth taking she rarely gets to fight a defensive battle. When she has access to a minion capable of lowering the ambient temperature of a battlefield, she does so gleefully, watching as the opposing troops grow slack and numb before falling under her fangs.

Means of Communication: Ichi-Iy’s voice is a howling, freezing gale which she can direct to any of her pawns. The environmental damage and loss of stealth entailed by this means of communication rarely register with Ichi-Iy as a concern, which is one of many reasons her pawns are so often forced to use her favored tactics.

Pawns: Ichi-Iy prefers warrior pawns, whose immediate solution to every problem matches hers. She’s impressed with brute strength and magical power, disdains morality, and will gleefully support one stronger pawn over three equally capable ones. Pawns who seem too intelligent often intimidate her, and usually meet swift ends during a maneuver “gone wrong.”

Granted Domains: Followers of Ichi-Iy with spell-like abilities are generally druids or shamen. The rare Avenger or Cleric that does choose to pursue her service enjoys exclusive access to the Winter Domain.


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