Physical Description: Fotilius is a disgusting mass of moss-slicked flesh. His refusal to leave the stagnant pool of his lair for several decades has resulted in the black’s flesh swelling up with water. The moist rolls burst his scales, which sloughed off and floated away, leaving the dragon resembling a puffy black sausage. His claws and fangs are coated with gummy yellow pus, and fluid leaks from large rents in the sides of his soft skin. Gnats the size of fists hover in droning clouds around Fotilius, grown fat on his secretions but more than willing to make a meal out of anything foolish enough to approach the lair.

Personality: Fotilius is, first and foremost, utterly paranoid. His crippling paranoia leaves the black incapable of taking almost any form of proactive action. He sees threats and counterploys around every corner, each possible move playing right into the hands of vast fictional conspiracies. He vascillates between towering rages and pathetic wheedling for approval and affection, and thoroughly disgusts most of the other players.

Preferred Lair: Fotilius has not left his lair, a 30’ deep pool of stagnant water in a marsh along Sunlund’s western coast, for more than 50 years. The entrance has become utterly overgrown, choked with weeds and vines. It’s unclear if the waterlogged dragon actually could leave the lair at this point, but he shows no interest in the attempt.

Preferred Troops: A number of loathsome, wicked fey gleefully serve Fotilius as spies and assassins. Given the black’s agrophobia, most of his servants are swamp-dwelling creatures who remain in or around his marsh lair. He also enjoys employing vermin of all types, from intelligent rats to draft-horse sized spiders. Vermin are almost fundementally incapable of betrayal, and their predictable responses to stimuli (kill it, eat it, flee) are soothing to the neurotic dragon.

Notable Tactics: While Fotilius’s most notable tactic is frantic inaction, the black has managed a few impressive and insidious plays. His affection for both vermin and fey means he has a surplus of tiny minions. With their poisons augmented by the black’s treatments, nearly any gnat, bee, or mosquito becomes an easily overlooked assassin. However, Fotilius’s paranoia is such that his own pawns are the most likely targets, especially should they become too successful.

Means of Communication: Fotilius fills his pawns’ ears with incessant haraunges. Though he has demonstrated the capacity for direct mental communication at fair range, the black’s preferred messengers are insects. Anything from a cloud of gnats to a single fat beetle can carry the wheedling sound of Fotilius’s voice.

Pawns: Fotilius prefers those who kill from the shadows, or demonstrate a maximum of efficiency. He’d much rather foster an enterprising merchant willing to poison a town’s well than a brilliant strategist or masterful warrior who would choose to face the militia. The black often appeals to individuals so filled with self-loathing that they seek some form of punishment in this life; yet he also draws those so mired in their own moral filth that nothing proves disgusting any longer.

Granted Domains: Worshippers of Fotilius gain access to the domains of Darkness, Poison, and Strife Domains.


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