More greatly feared by the people of Sunlund than any other Pawn Race, the inhuman dragonborn are just a few steps removed from their draconic masters. Massive and cruel, arrogant and powerful, dragonborn head armies of lesser beings. More than twenty gathered together present a nearly unstoppable force, capable of single-clawedly shredding the defenses of most smaller border forts.

All dragonborn are built on a scale to dwarf other races. Their muscles ripple beneath glittering scales, and their skulls are adorned with horns and thick tendrils of ropy flesh. The entire purpose of the dragonborn race is combat and service to Dicing Lords, commanding their armies and completing their tasks. Resilient and implacable, every dragonborn is capable of unleashing a mighty breath weapon in homage to the creatures which created them.

Dragonborn in WtM have specific coloration tied to their draconic bloodline and impacting their skill bonuses and breath weapon damage, as follows:

Red: Fire, +2 to Intimidate and History
Blue: Lightning, +2 Perception and Arcana
Green: Poison, +2 Nature and Insight
Black: Acid, +2 Athletics and Bluff
White: Cold, +2 Endurance and Nature
Gold: Fire, +2 Diplomacy and Arcana
Silver: Cold, +2 Endurance and Intimidate
Adamantine (Charcoal Gray): Thunder, +2 Dungeoneering and Perception
Copper: Acid, +2 Athletics and Nature
Iron (Light Metallic Gray): Lightning, +2 Stealth and Thievery

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