Current Characters

Osario Barzillai Mockfoil A rake with a glinting silver tooth (or two, counting his dancing blade) and a history of vengeful theft.

Brother Aeneas Barbounian A monk whose calloused fists are laid aside from violence…for as long as Fate allows.

Ayrikka Rokanski Captain, warrior, maven. Willing to ply her blade at the behest of the nobility, or her conscience.

Kilmora Whurja The Dwarven Will manifest, Kilmora seeks out battles and offers her crushing victories as tribute to her gods.

Scirocco Windyleaf When the world hands him lemons, Scirocco builds a bomb…then convinces you to eat it prior to detonation.

Anasimus Wu Mingde Marked by the Cat Prince, she navigates Tybalt’s eldritch web.

Current Characters

'Ware the Moloch Sarcastra