Physical Description: Chatter is an atypically sinister brown dragon. His flaring bone crest is composed of six curling, tendril-like horns, rather than a single shield of calcium. The horns along his lower jaw curl forward, and his needle-like teeth extend past his lower lip. The foremost two incisors are especially prominent, given Chatter an overall bat-like appearance. His eyes are black orbs with lambent yellow pupils. Physically he is small, even for a brown, with brightly wings and scales that generate a subtle illumination.

Personality: Chatter is a talker with a particularly defined focus for his conversation. Chatter calculates angles and options at all times, and even when casually speaking to a pawn he can’t help but try and trap them in a lie or inescapable conundrum. Despite (or perhaps due to) his youth, Chatter is extremely patient. He’ll attempt three or four diplomatic solutions simultaneously; perhaps seeking an alliance with several interests in a region while also encouraging outside forces to invade. Once he secures an agreement, he’ll usually sabotage the other talks and drive the factions towards infighting. He is as good as his word, but his word’s only given to the first party that meets his price.

Preferred Lair: Chatter’s lair is a dark, dark cave somewhere underneath the earth. Certain doorways in a number of human cities serve as entrances to this cave, so long as the person opening the door possesses the proper “key.” Within the lair, Chatter remains in the shadows, face illuminated by splotches of golden glow from his softly fanning wings. His barracuda smile emerging from the shadows momentarily, then disappearing again, is extremely unsettling, and often quite useful in securing the alleigance of some diplomatic envoy.

Preferred Troops: Chatter’s favorite troops are glib halflings and fast-talking gnomes. Even in battle he prefers to deploy several mobile units of small humanoids, encouraging the use of illusion magic and flashy explosions to distract opposing forces.

Notable Tactics: Chatter immediately seeks diplomatic solutions to any problem. While the other dragons scoff at this attitude, it has some unquestioned advantages. Many a minor ruler is amazed to learn, when Chatter’s troops appear on his doorstep, that they actually bear a treaty of free travel with the ruler’s signiture. Careless clerks and merchants, minor functionaries bored with their jobs, and politicians who feel qualified to make decisions they probably shouldn’t- these are Chatter’s favorite soft targets. As befits a fan of diplomacy, however, Chatter also enjoys employing diplomants-cum-assassins, who can remove key political figures the second negotiations begin to falter.

Means of Communication: Chatter’s communication is endless. He’ll contact a pawn to discuss the weather, the absence of weather, the likely weather, the weather in the Elemental Chaos. To this end he gives all of his pawns tiny stones through which a hole has been drilled. One entrance to the hole is larger than the other, and when held to the ear it is this end from which Chatter’s voice issues.

Pawns: Chatter’s pawns are usually very intelligent, charming, and adaptable. They’re often sent into situations with the vaguest of instructions (“I’d like a foothold in the Duke’s lands”) and are expected to produce results. Strikers are common amongst his pawns, as are individuals capable of manipulating the minds and actions of others. Interestingly, at least one of Chatter’s favored pawns is actually a Bard/Barbarian…he’s capable of charming most targets into utter obedience, or utterly obliterating those who refuse him at the table.

Granted Domains: The prevalence of bards amongst Chatter’s followers means that he has not yet sought to develop spell-granting ability. His hesitance to employ large forces, combined with the slippery nature of his troops, means they’re surprisingly long lived with access to even the most minor healing.


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