Character Concepts

Collected below are some brief character ideas (with power selections and general stats) that might spark inspiration, provide a baseline for your own character, or even end up adopted whole-cloth.

You could mix and match most of these elements with varying levels of difficulty. Swapping out a race has less mechanical impact on most of these, though it obviously alters some of the story stuff. Changing class within role (Defender/Controller/Leader/Striker) is usually pretty easy, though it will alter powers and some other elements.

The first list of concepts are characters which fit established expectations (genre and/or cultural within the game).

The second list show some of the reaches you can make when creating a character, and include examples of individuals whose occupation/personality are unexpected.

None of this is to say the first or second list is better; it’s just an example of how far afield the concepts are.

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Character Concepts

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