'Ware the Moloch

A1S4: Room of a Dozen Corpses

Stuffing a doorway with dead bodies in no way disturbs me.

After a messy battle with the guard-zombies and their ravenous cook, the party finds a moment of precious respite. Unfamiliarity causes the two newly-discovered Ludovician agents to decline overtures of friendship, the death priestess and her construct companion choosing instead to explore Splenome’s Keep more thoroughly.

While Kilmora barricades the shattered storeroom door with results that perch between success and concussion, the party’s war-leader plugs the secret passage entrance with the only handy material. Doing their best to ignore the smell of drying blood and spilled entrails, the party takes a much-needed rest…accepting as they do so the consequences for Splenome itself.

The next day, Scievel’s arcane investigations determine the general movement of the zombie horde. Rather than pursue it, however, the party returns to the scene of their first zombie sighting. There, careful exploration eventually reveals tunnels hastily carved into the earth, tracing the path of the zombies. Following this, the party arrives in a vast underground chamber dominated by a dark ritual circle which appears to be draining Kira, the pregnant waitress of her life.

Hideous swarms of death-beetles emerge from piles of corpses, the false undead are revealed to—within the circle—truly become that which their phantasm suggests, and a terrified Kira drives her dagger into one of her saviors…moments before the party realizes that the corpse of the real waitress lies crumpled in a corner of the room.



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