'Ware the Moloch

A1S3: Where does this lead?

After the zombie massacre ended with the possessed dragonborn (formerly the head of the city guard a minute ago) dragging the last zombified guard and himself into the flames, Brother Barbounian and Osario got the group roughly patched up and standing mostly upright. The doors to the chamber were secured and a short rest was much appreciated by all. Some looting went on, some magical items were found and shared among the group. Damages and wounds were repaired and patched and everyone generally tried to recover their composure.

Upon investigating the former Lord Marshall’s chamber, a narrow escape passage was discovered and filed into. Osario and Sievel’s spectral cat led the group into what turned out to be the guards’ break room. Inside, zombified guards and a particularly gnarly deathly chef tried their best to find a menu of adventurers to satisfy their new cravings. Conversely, the party decided to take out their frustrations on the gruesome crew. Meanwhile, (a warborn) and (a cleric?) rip the other door off the hinges, and burst in to join the righteous smackdown.



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