'Ware the Moloch

A1S2: Explain yourself

You did what?

After the tavern incident, the group is brought before the Lord Marshall to answer for their actions.

Using their silver tongues, implacable reason and empathy Brother Barbounian and Osario convince the Lord Marshall that something strange and unnatural is afoot.

The head of the city guard, a dragonborn, seemed suspiciously concerned for the death of Preggers, aka Kira the barmaid, even though she was heroically saved from zombies by the group. This, the clever and arcane explanations of Sievel, (did someone else speak up, too? someone rolled nature) and death beetle evidence from ’Rocco bring the Lord Marshall to declare the dragonborn head of his city guard unwelcome and banished from his town.

Unfortunately, while the group is planning a celebration to be held at the last standing pub on the other side of town and generally patting themselves on the back, everyone else turns into a zombie. The group is so surprised and baffled they largely fail to defend themselves and the session ends with the majority of the party bleeding out over the stone floor while the monk tries to staunch wounds all around.



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