'Ware the Moloch

A1S1: No Rats In This Basement

Come to Splenome, have a few drinks...

Faced with three choices, the party (sans their resident artificer) decided that the likeliest source of immediate information on The Dicing Lords was the most pressing matter.

Thus, they traveled to the city of Splenome, familiar to some already. There they were to meet Cobblegrim, a dwarf information broker with something to sell. Some careful reconnaissance in the tavern gave them a sense of the other patrons, including a party of freelance adventurers of some renown (now deceased/redeceased). Though the party’s rake plied his charms at the bar, it is Brother Barbounian who makes first contact with Cobblegrim.

Moments later, Cobblegrim made second contact with the cellar floor, while a horde of zombified flesh took his place in the tavern proper. Quick action from Sievel, the party’s mage, dramatically reduced the undead ranks—but moments later they nearly removed her from the fight. The conflict was brief and decisive, but followed immediately by a revelation even more unpleasant than basement zombies: the undead were, in fact, still-living townsfolk.

Almost too quickly to be believed, the head of the city guard—himself a winged dragonborn—arrests the party and brings them before the Lord Marshall. They must plead their case and display their innocence, or face an assuredly swift sentence.

*Credit where credit’s due, this adventure (and probably at least two more sessions) are modified from the surprisingly excellent IDW Shadowplague Dungeons and Dragons comic. It’s also important to credit the players, though, who fleshed out the NPCs and situations within minutes of me throwing them in the bar.


“Cellar Floor” → second most beautiful phrase in the English language?

A1S1: No Rats In This Basement

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