'Ware the Moloch

A1S5: Diversions along the way.

Now with more magic biscuits.

The party bravely fought the Kira (aka Preggers the barmaid) doppelgänger and its damnable blinding powers, and killed it dead. Looting and healing happened. The magic circle that looked like a certain fat dragon was destroyed/deactivated by Sievel, Kilmora and ‘Rocco and magic essence (sparkly!) was gathered by Sievel and Kilmora. The group went back above ground to assess the situation. Guards around the Lord Marshall’s place seemed angry and confused, ready to act on any provocation. The party declined to chat with them, leaving Splenome to head for Feywood. Feywild. Fey… oh fuck it. That fairie city we skipped before which vanishes periodically.

An hour or so out of town, their mouthy rake intersected with a weary group of camp followers who had no camp to follow. They spoke reluctantly of horrible death, arrows and fire ambushing their hopeful settlement. Ayrikka cleaned her nails. While Osario plied his words on the folks and fed them a magic biscuit, Kilmora cleaned and rebound the wound of one of the young boys (name from notes here) and removed a black and suspicious arrowhead from his arm. Brother Barbounian caught sight of the arrowhead and his slowly cooling anger reignited. As the travelers told their tale, the party decided this was really thier business despite the traveler’s desire to avoid the group and just get on to Splenome for help. Upon learning that Splenome was mostly dead or enraged about death, they (barely) agreed to follow the adventurers as they backtracked the travelers’ path.

A long daytime journey and some lucky tracking led all to a small overlook where the ruins of a stone building housed fires burning against prying eyes. Brother Barbounian and Kilmora advanced on the building to be met by arrows from above. But these damaging shafts did not hold the suspicious arrowheads which compelled them here…

I didn’t proof this at all!


I have to say that I don’t like the idea of being penetrated repeatedly by arrows. It. Hurts. A. Lot.

A1S5: Diversions along the way.

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